Affiliate Program Launched!

A great product sells itself, right?

Well, not quite. History is full of examples when a better product didn’t win: Betamax offered better quality than VHS, Dvorak allowed to type much faster than QWERTY, and Evernote is now dominating the note-taking market despite all its shortcomings :)

(Yes, I know that Evernote’s CEO does think that a better product always wins, but in this case I wonder why they spent about $1 mln on advertising?)

So I think that marketing is not an option even for a company with an outstanding product. At the moment there are not many ways we can promote CintaNotes, since most of our resources are devoted to developing new features.

But we found a way around this: we are launching an affiliate program.

It is designed to be a triple win: you win because you earn commission, we win by getting new customers, and new customers win because they get a great notetaking application.

So if you’d feel good recommending CintaNotes, now you can get 40% of all sales to people that come to our site through your affiliate link. Even if they don’t purchase immediately.

You don’t need to have a website or a blog (although that wouldn’t hurt either), you can earn good commission simply distributing your link on social media or on forums. But please – no spam – we want everyone to be gaining something from it, remember?

Once per month you’ll receive earned commission via PayPal, WebMoney, ACH, wire transfer or check.

It only takes 10 minutes to become our partner, see for yourself:


Happy notetaking!

P.S. Other news: 2.9 beta with file and image attachments and password protection is coming next month!

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